ATCAP Partners provides offerings and expertise in a full complement of real estate investment products and services. Strategy is executed through a strong asset management foundation, which is the primary directive of the Company. The firm currently focuses on two specific strategies in the risk/reward spectrum in the central and southern United States: Core-plus and Value-add.


This strategy incorporates a value add or enhancement component to the core property strategy, providing higher yields when compared to core investments. These investments require a sound business plan with the right operational team to provide results.


This strategy involves properties that require some physical improvement and/or exhibit management or operational problems often due to bad business plans, under allocated staff or capital constraints. Our hands-on entrepreneurial approach provides the resources necessary to capitalize on this strategy and provide exceptional yields.

Our Philosophy

ATCAP Partners employs a disciplined approach to its investment philosophy, which is focused on generating a relatively high current cash on cash yield with upside potential resulting in desirable risk-adjusted returns and multiples.

ATCAP understands the potential advantages associated with middle market assets. In order to turn opportunity into success in this product, we must remain acutely focused on the following areas.

Have a Sound Hedge Against Inflation
Ensure Institutional Quality
Know the Market
Prepare For Challenges
Utilize Strong Fundamentals